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About Us

About Us

Generally, a disaster is the impact of hazards that severely affect the society or environment. A disaster is a unexpected, shatteringevent which brings great damage, loss, and destruction to life and/or property.A disaster causes irresistible damage, and varies with the geographical location, climate and the type of the earth surface/degree of vulnerability.
Disasters can be classified as follows:-
(i) Natural Disaster : Some examples of natural disasters are earthquakes, floods,landslides, cyclones, tsunamis etc.
(ii) Manmade Disaster : Some examples ofmanmade disasters are nuclear disasters, chemical disasters and biological disasters.
Like any other part of the world, the State of West Bengal too is vulnerable to disasters, both natural and manmade. As per the vulnerability profile published by NDMA(National Disaster Management Authority), Government of India, most probable threats for the State are moderate earthquakes, landslides, floods and river erosion,and tsunamis.
The Disaster Management Group of West Bengal Police (DMG, WBP) is a young elite and vibrant force which plays a premier and crucial role in mitigation, rescue and relief during different natural/manmade calamities. The entire setup and functioning of Disaster Management Group of West Bengal Police is regulated by Police Order No. 1 of 2013.
DMG, WBP is constructed on the three pillars of Personnel, Training & Equipment. Training itself is highly specialised and specific to the work of each item. Initial training is supplemented by periodic refresher training to hone skills as well as on arduous daily regime.

Similarly, the equipments too are highly specialised and again specialised, and again specific to the nature of work of each team within a squad. Only very high quality items and equipments are purchased by DMG, WBP and the tendering procedure is subjected to the strictest scrutiny.


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